Disability Support Resources

The following is a list of assistive technology resources available in all Grand Valley State University computer labs:
WYNN Wizard 7
A text-to-speech "reading machine" software package designed to assist users with learning disabilities.  WYNN Wizard allows any text to be scanned or imported from a Windows program, and voiced out loud in a self-defined environment. Users can view the document in either an exact image view, or a simpler text-only view. Words are highlighted as they are voiced by the computer.  Users can add bookmarks and colored highlights to text, and insert typed or spoken notes. WYNN Wizard allows users to individualize a custom reading environment, including speed, voice selection, colors, and font.
JAWS Screen Reader Professional 14
A screen reader designed to allow computer access to users who are blind.  JAWS voices text from documents and screen objects, and provides control of Windows by a set of keyboard commands.  JAWS provides nearly complete computer access to individuals who are blind. 
MAGic 12 Screen Magnifier
A screen magnifier designed to assist users with visual impairments. MAGic allows screen magnification of up to 16x. Several screen magnification modes are available, including full screen, lens, and a dockable magnified window.   MAGic integrates with JAWS to allow text on the screen to be voiced by the computer.
A toolbar add-in to Microsoft Word designed to assist users with learning disabilities.  WordTalk provides text voicing and spoken spell-checking.  Words are highlighted as they are voiced.
WebbIE 3
A Web browser that displays Web pages without graphics.  A graphical view is also available.  WebbIE works well with screen reader software, and provides easy Web page navigation via the keyboard for users who are blind or who have a visual impairment.  
Inspiration 8
A graphical organizer program designed to assist a user with all stages of a writing project.  Inspiration provides a graphical view in which users brainstorm and use concept-mapping to connect ideas and organize a work of writing.  Inspiration automatically creates an outline which can be used as the basis for the final work.  All text can be voiced out loud.
Mouse Alternative
Trackballs are available for those users who prefer this option.  Contact Disability Support Resources to request installation of a trackball.
Alternate Keyboard
Big Keys keyboards are available in both “QWERTY” and “ABC” formats. Contact the Disability Support Resources to request installation of an alternative keyboard.
Users are encouraged to supply headsets.  Headsets are also available from the Student Technicians, or by contacting the IT helpdesk.  All assistive technology workstations are equipped front-side audio jacks, or with extension cables from the back of the PC.  Audio extension cables are attached to the keyboard cable. The cable with the green label is for sound, and the cable with the red label is for microphone input.

Page last modified August 27, 2013