DSR Orientation

Meeting with a DSR Program Advisor

When you are ready to request accommodations while at GVSU, the first step is to register for DSR services: DSR Registration Webpage. Once your registration is received, the DSR office will contact you to schedule your first appointment. During this appointment, you will participate in an interactive process of discussion and review of your documentation of a disability with a program advisor. For an appointment, you will need a computer or tablet with stable internet access that you can use for an online appointment on your registration day. 

This process may take up to an hour, however, in preparation for the appointment, we invite you to have a list of questions ready to be answered. It is important that you gather documentation that supports your request for accommodations, however, if you do not have it during the appointment, that is fine. The discussion can take place and it will give you time to gather the information needed. A DSR advisor can direct you to the forms on our website you may conveniently utilize for clarification and documentation for a disability.

The appointment covers the policies and procedures that the DSR office adheres to, the requests being made for accommodations, and we also send you the documents we use in our office, i.e., testing information, recording agreements.

You may also call the office at (616) 331-2490 to schedule an appointment. If at any time you have questions, please feel free to contact the office at DSRGVSU@gvsu.edu.

For May and June, advising appointments will be held online through individual video-conference appointments. Our expert program advisors will work with you to ensure you are ready to begin your academic journey as a Laker.

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Support Throughout the Academic Year

  • Now that your accommodations are in place, your DSR advisor is still here to help you, answer questions and guide you toward success.
  • Weekly, bi-weekly or monthly appointments are available to check in with us. 
  • DSR can help you learning skills, organization or time management skills.
  • DSR can help you with career exploration and career readiness.
  • If you need assistance with assistive technology, there is an assistive technology coordinator on staff that you work with you.

Requesting DSR Accommodations

Meeting with the DSR Advisor