Blackboard Ally

Close up image of laptop screen displaying a YouTube video: Blackboard, student and instructor

Blackboard Ally is an accessibility tool that helps create accessible documents within Blackboard

Ally automatically creates alternative formats for files that are uploaded by the instructor to make a more effective learning experience for everyone.  To download an alternative format file, click on the "A" icon, located just to the right of the document filename.

A list of formats include:

  • Tagged PDF - Can be used for Word, Powerpoint and OpenOffice/LibreOffice files,  compatible with many texts to speech apps.
  • BeeLine Reader - Can increase reading comprehension and speed by using color-coding on each line.
  • HTML - Mobile-friendly, great for viewing in browsers or mobile phones,  compatible with text to speech apps.
  • Audio - Translated the written text into audio to be listened to.
  • Electronic Braille  - Used by refreshable braille displays
  • ePub - Great for ebook readers, compatible with many text to speech apps.
  • OCR’d  - Creates readable text in scanned documents, compatible with text to speech apps.

Faculty can find information on using Ally to help in checking and fixing accessibility issues in Blackboard content at the Ally for Faculty information page.

Students can find information on accessing alternative file formats in Blackboard at the Ally for Students information page.

Page last modified June 9, 2023