Resources for Sexual Assault Survivors

Support, Advocacy, & Health Options:

  • The GVSU Center for Women and Gender Equity offers a Victim Advocate who provides private and non-biased support to student survivors of gender-based violence. View the Center for Women and Gender Equity's sexual assault survivor resources.
  • The YWCA offers crisis help, short term respite, counseling, and a nurse examiner program at no cost. Call the Sexual Assault Program 24-hour hotline 616-776-7273.
  • The CWIT (Center for Women in Transition) in Holland offers nurse examinations, sexual assault case management and legal advocacy, and trauma therapy. Call 616-392-1970 or the 24-Hour Crisis Line 800-848-5991 for more information.
  • Campus Health Center: 616-252-6030 Monday-Friday / 9am-5pm.

On Campus Options

Off Campus Options

The survivor may not want to press charges or get counseling. The YWCA Sexual Assault program or the Center for Women in Transition in Holland can check for physical injury, discuss STD prevention, emergency contraception, and collection of evidence in case the survivor changes their mind at a later date about reporting. These agencies also have staff who can discuss options and other services that are available.

Page last modified February 20, 2019