Outreach Topics Offered

University Counseling Center Services & Mental Health Resources


Learn about a variety of mental health concerns, explore strategies for managing effectively when problems arise, and discover how the University Counseling Center can support you on your own mental health journey.

Presented by Peer Educators or UCC Staff



Become a certified QPR Suicide Prevention Gatekeeper! This program provides the education and interventions that empower students, faculty, and staff to save lives.

Presented by UCC Staff

Stress Management


This interactive program will help you learn about stressors and how to approach self-care techniques to manage your stress effectively and improve your overall wellness.

Presented by Peer Educators or UCC Staff



Self-care is not selfish! In fact, it's vital to optimizing our overall well-being and showing up as our best selves. In this presentation, students will learn common misconceptions about self-care, identify strategies they can implement in their routines, and gain understanding about how to improve wellness in their time at GVSU.

Presented by Peer Educators or UCC Staff

Managing Your Depression & Anxiety


Depression and anxiety are the two most common mental health concerns experienced by college students. This program will help you find ways to manage symptoms of depression and anxiety and feel better.

Presented by UCC Staff

How to Help a Friend


Knowing how to help someone else be intimidating and difficult to navigate. This program will help students identify the warning signs that someone else may be struggling, approach conversations with empathy, and promote strategies to improve well-being.

Presented by UCC Staff

Making Connections


Adjusting to college can be very stressful for students. This interactive workshop discusses some of the common issues students face in adjusting to college life and promotes a dialogue that centers on connecting to peers and getting involved on campus.

Presented by Peer Educators or UCC Staff

Maintaining Healthy Relationships


This program is designed to help students learn how to establish and maintain healthy relationships with others by exploring unhealthy characteristics or relationships, learning boundary-setting practices, and honing communication skills.

Presented by Peer Educators or UCC Staff

Navigating Transitions


There are many areas of transition a student may experience throughout their journey at GVSU. The University Counseling Center offers a variety of presentations on navigating these transitions by identifying common stressors and providing self-help strategies to cope effectively.

Navigating Transitions presentations include: Transitioning Home for the Holidays, Transitioning from College to the Work World/Graduate School, or Transitioning Home for the Summer.

Presented by Peer Educators or UCC Staff

Sleep 101


This program gives students information on the benefits of proper sleep, helps students understand how to prioritize sleep in a busy college student schedule, and educates about the cognitive deficits that occur without proper sleep.

Presented by Peer Educators or UCC Staff

Mental Health for Graduate Students


Graduate students experience a range of mental health concerns that are often rooted in juggling many roles like student, parent, intern, employee, and more. This program will attune to the specific needs of graduate and professional students, discussing their unique stressors and providing a variety of resources to assist in caring for one's mental health throughout their graduate studies.

Presented by UCC Staff

Body Image


This program will discuss the impact of advertising and media messages on one's body image. We'll also explore cultural ideals and the myth of attainable perfection, along with strategies for developing and maintaining a positive and healthy body image.

Presented by UCC Staff

Don't see what you're looking for? We've got you covered!

The University Counseling Center is happy to build a new presentation to meet any request related to mental health. Some of our other available programs include:

  • Resilient Lakers
  • Test Anxiety
  • Navigating Online Relationships
  • Self-care for Cancer Survivors
  • Gender Affirming Care at the UCC
  • Time Management

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