Nutrition and Neurotransmitters

Welcome!  This 5-week self- guided and self-paced workshop is intended to help all students who are interested in improving their mental wellness, physical health, and their academic performance through a better understanding of nutrition.  We will explore many topics including general nutrition foundation, gut microbiome as the second brain, which foods and habits are most helpful for promoting a positive mood and decreasing depressive symptoms, how to create healthy intentions, and manageable expectations when managing your health and well being and lastly the mind-body connection.  There is growing evidence-based research to support food as a complementary way to support good physical and mental health as well as improved longevity.  Most importantly, we will touch on ways to make these healthy habits possible while meeting the demands of being a busy university student. Thanks for taking the time to explore the workshop!  Enjoy!

Apps that can help:

Shopwell: scan the foods in the store to see nutritional value and alternatives that are healthier

Fooducate: tracks food, educates about nutrients in food and recommends foods to avoid

Lifesum: Dedicated to teaching you how to eat healthily

Page last modified March 11, 2024