Emotional Assistance Animals

An Emotional Assistance (Support) Animal is an animal that has been prescribed by a licensed therapist, psychologist or psychiatrist as part of a treatment program. Therapists prescribing an Emotional Assistance Animal must have extensive knowledge of research supporting the use of the Emotional Assistance Animal and utilize the Emotional Assistance Animal as a treatment modality. Before receiving documentation for the recommendation of an Emotional Assistance Animal, a student must be engaged in on-going therapy with a mental health provider and the Emotional Assistance Animal must be identified as an essential treatment for the student’s diagnosed emotional or psychiatric disability. Most students will not meet all of these criteria.

The University Counseling Center staff does not generally provide letters recommending emotional assistance animals.  Rather, we help students find referrals in the community to address requests for assistance animals.  Please visit our Community Provider Database to locate a local therapist. 

Students, Faculty or Staff needing accommodation regarding emotional support animals are encouraged to contact Disability Support Resources.


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Page last modified November 7, 2019