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Thank you for your interest in interviewing a member of the University Counseling Center staff.  While maintaining our focus on providing mental health treatment to the Grand Valley community, we make every effort to accommodate student requests.   Before completing the form below, please note the following:

  • This form is typically used for students writing a news story or working on a class project related to mental health. If you are interested in scheduling a counseling appointment, please call (616) 331-3266 or visit the University Counseling Center in 206 STU.
  • Requests for interviews must be made no less than one week prior to the date of the interview.
  • During peak clinical times, the University Counseling Center staff may be unable to fulfill requests due to limited counselor availability.  Should this happen, a list of local mental health providers can be found on Thriving Campus
  • Interviews are scheduled for 30 minutes and conducted with a member of the University Counseling Center staff knowledgeable in the subject requested.  
  • Questions must be submitted in advance; this provides an opportunity for our counselors to prepare and maximizes the time allotted.

The above are general guidelines of the University Counseling Center.  If you have an exception that you would like considered, please contact the Center at (616) 331-3266.

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I understand that I will be contacted by a member of the University Counseling Center staff within two business days to schedule an interview.  Interviews are subject to the aforenoted policies and counselor availability.

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