Annual Multicultural Seminar

The University Counseling Center is pleased to host an Annual Multicultural Seminar typically held in the fall on the Allendale campus. GVSU faculty, staff, students, as well as community members are encouraged to register for the seminar.

Past Speakers

2016 Dafina-Lazarus Stewart The Necessity of Talking About Religion, Faith, and Spirituality in Public Spaces

2015 John Elder Robison Neurodiversity: Understanding the Autistic Spectrum and Building Inclusive Communities

2014 Dr. Christina Capodilupo Gender & Race Matter: The Important Role of Intersections in Women of Color's Body Image

2013 Dr. Randall Ehrbar & Andre Wilson, M.S. Trans* Competence: Going Beyond Basics in Service Delivery & Advocacy

2012 Dr. Joy DeGruy Be the Healing: Culture-Specific Models of Service Delivery and Practice

2011 Dr. Derald Wing Sue Microaggressions in Everyday Life

2010 Dr. Rhoda Olkin Disability: What's Important to Know

2009 Dr. Ruth Fassinger Clinical and vocational Issues with the LGBT Population

2006 Dr. Thomas Parham Building for Eternity: Solidifying our Competencies through Strength and Ethical Principles

2005 Dr. Joseph White The Browning of America: Implications for Counselors, Social Workers, and Psychologists

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