About the Colloquy

A Letter from Rich and Helen DeVos

Since 2005, we have watched as the committee for the DeVos Medical Ethics Colloquy has selected excellent—and sometimes controversial—subjects for discussion at this biannual event, with each topic being presented in a format that has encouraged interaction between the speakers and the audience in a very lively educational forum.

The quality represented in the roster of national and international speakers has been outstanding. We have been very proud and honored to have our name associated with the Colloquy and so we have been making plans to assure its future by accepting a proposal made by Grand Valley State University to gradually assume the direction and running of Colloquy, starting in 2015.

We feel happy that we are able to leave the DeVos Medical Ethics Colloquy in able hands that will continue what we have started for the benefit of the health professions, the academic institutions, and the patients who are the ultimate beneficiaries of these discussions. May God continue to guide and bless this forum for many years to come.

Rich and Helen DeVos

Preserving the Colloquy Tradition

Grand Valley State University continues to host this established medical ethics speaker series thanks to a gift from the Richard and Helen DeVos Foundation. The proceedings of the Colloquy are printed and distributed free of charge to institutions and interested individuals.

Since its inception, the Colloquy functioned under the leadership of Luis Tomatis, MD. In June of 2015, the Colloquy administration transitioned to Grand Valley's Office of the Vice Provost for Health, and in 2021 to the Kirkhof College of Nursing. With Dr. Tomatis's passing in late 2020, the planning committee renewed its commitment to carry on the rich tradition of the Colloquy identifying critical topics and renowned experts for the bi-annual events.

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