Fall 2024 DeVos Medical Ethics Colloquy

At Odds: Your Ethical Obligations Conflict with the Law

Monday, October 14, 2024

Details to come!

2023 Event Recording

The Ethics of Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Health Care


Speaker - Lisa Harris

Lisa Harris, MD, PhD

Dr. Lisa Harris is the F. Wallace and Janet Jeffries Collegiate Professor of Reproductive Health, and Professor and Associate Chair in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at University of Michigan (UM). She is also a Professor in the Department of Women’s Studies. Because so many issues in reproductive health have to do as much with culture, ethics and politics as with biomedical sciences, after college and medical school at Harvard University Dr. Harris earned a PhD in American Culture at UM, focusing on reproductive ethics. She continued her work in bioethics as a Greenwall Faculty Scholar. She is now an active clinician, teacher, researcher and leader. 


Speaker Chris Sidey-Gibbons, PhD

Peter Koch, PhD

Dr. Peter Koch is an Associate Professor of Philosophy at Villanova University. He received his doctorate from SUNY Buffalo and completed a postdoctoral fellowship in Clinical Ethics at Baylor College of Medicine and Houston Methodist Hospital. His research interests include the intersection of ethics and law in medicine, patient decision-making, and informed consent in forensic medicine. His publications appear in journals such as the American Journal of Bioethics, the Journal of Law, Medicine, and Ethics, the Journal of Medical Ethics, and the Journal of Medicine and Philosophy.

Cara Poland head shot

Moderated by Cara Poland, MD, M.Ed, FACP, DFASAM

Dr. Cara Poland is a recognized expert in addiction medicine. She is a faculty member at Michigan State University. She earned her medical degree from Wayne State University and was trained in internal medicine at St. Joseph Mercy Hospital in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and in addiction medicine at Boston Medical Center in Boston, Massachusetts. She received her master’s degree in education from Boston University. She has an interest in educating healthcare providers and providers-in-training to improve care for patients with substance use disorders.


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