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LiveText Discontinued

March 27, 2020

LiveText Discontinued

Beginning in Fall 2020, the College of Education will no longer use LiveText, the college's assessment and e-portfolio system. Grand Valley State University is adopting a central assessment system, Blackboard Learn, which will be offered to students beginning in 2020-2021 at no additional cost. So what does all of this mean for users?

  • First, if you do not currently have a LiveText account, do nothing. You don’t need LiveText. You will have access to Blackboard Learn starting in Fall 2020.
  • Second, if you do have a LiveText account, check your expiration date. You can do this by logging into your LiveText account and clicking on “My Account” in the top-right corner. The My Account page will include your expiration date under your Membership Information. This is the date by which you will want to download any materials you have stored in your LiveText account should you wish to access the material at a later date.  Watermark's current policy for LiveText is that no data is deleted from LiveText accounts, but you must have an active account to view any materials within LiveText.

Directions for Downloading files from LiveText are available on our website. Please be aware that LiveText does not have a mechanism to download all of an account’s data at one time, so you will need to download your files one at a time. If you run into any technical difficulties, please contact the LiveText helpdesk at 800-331-5656 or email support@watermarkinsights.com

For faculty and course instructors, Winter 2020 assessments will still be completed through LiveText. Students are not required to have purchased LiveText for Winter 2020 in order for faculty to complete existing course assessments. The College of Education will transition to Blackboard Learn during Spring/Summer 2020. Some assessments and program portfolios will need to be revised, and the college will work with program coordinators to accommodate these changes.


This information was emailed to faculty and students connected to College of Education courses.

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