Paleo-Olympics 2023

August 09, 2023

Paleo-Olympics 2023

Join us for the 13th Annual Paleo-Olympics!

The Paleo-Olympics is an annual  event that brings the university community together for games, demos, and other activities.  Join in and play actual ancient games, as well as fun modern games inspired by the ancient world.  Educational activities include demonstrations by professors and students: we usually showcase a variety of ancient skills.  There are also crafts and puzzles. 

Favorites include: Roman Bladder Ball, Hunter-Gatherer Relay, Hoplite Relay, ancient board games, Knucklebone Toss, Atlatl-throw, liver reading, pottery reconstruction, yarn spinning, hieroglyphic bookmarks.

Paleo-Olympics is for everyone in the Grand Valley community to enjoy.  The past belongs to everyone.

Everyone is welcome to join us -- have some fun celebrating the past while learning something new!

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