Third Annual Barbara L. Flaschenriem Classics Scholarship Announced

April 19, 2016

Third Annual Barbara L. Flaschenriem Classics Scholarship Announced

The Department of Classics is pleased to announce that Allie Pohler and Kris Zasadil have been designated the recipients of the Barbara L. Flaschenriem Endowed Classics Scholarship for 2016-17.

Allie writes: "My work in Classics and psychology has inspired my goals for graduate school as I aspire to study Classics with an emphasis on linguistics. Studying ancient Greek first introduced me to Indo-European linguistics; studying cognition for my psychology degree has been integral to my understanding of the reciprocal relationship between language and culture. In combining Classics and psychology, I have gained a unique perspective with which to move forward as a classicist." 

Kris writes: "My future aspirations include a drive to continue to advance my understanding of the ancient cultures of Greece and Rome. I am very interested in questions of queerness within the cultures. I am both interested in identities that we as a part of modern Western society consider queer as well as those identities that the ancients may have defined in a similar way, as they are played out within the ancient cultures themselves. I am also interested in questions of ideology and the ways in which these cultures structure the cosmos and how they relate to the divine."

Professor Flaschenriem was deeply invested in expanding access to University education for promising and committed students of Classics. We are absolutely delighted that these aspirations are being fulfilled by so many talented and deserving students.

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