Scheduled Appointments vs Walk-In Appointments

What type of appointment is right for you?

Scheduled Appointments Walk-in Appointments
Made ahead of time with a specific advisor in your major. Available Monday through Friday Typically one half hour Multiple topics are often covered and vary considerably: major or minor selection and requirements, graduation requirements, understanding myPath, myPath issues, academic planning, career options, teacher certification, graduate school preparation and options, academic concerns, available support services, petitioning to return after dismissal, study abroad, research, internships, and/or volunteering First come, first served appointment with an available advisor in your major Available on Wednesdays from 1pm to 4 pm, and at specific times during the semester (such as the first week of classes) 15 minutes Due to the limited time available, one topic is typically addressed, such as: semester schedule changes, General Education requirements, myPath and myBanner, CLAS major and minor requirements, late add/drop/complete withdrawal, or quick questions about application processes for the College of Education and Professional programs

Page last modified September 12, 2012