Post-Bachelor's Professional Programs

Post-Bachelor's Professional Programs

Post-Baccalaureate Programs are specially designed for the following purposes: to help those persons interested in changing careers and who need to fulfill the requirements for professional program, to assist students desiring to strengthen or enhance their academic record including improving GPAs to help increase their competitiveness of professional program applications, and to assist those from groups currently underrepresented in medicine or from educationally or economically disadvantaged backgrounds attain a more solid background to attain future success in professional programs.

To find Post-Bachelor's Professional Programs...

1. Go to Explore Health Careers

On the left side of the page under Search for...

Make sure to select the 'Enrichment' tab

Under the first drop-down, select the field you want.

Under the second drop-down, select 'Post-baccalaureate program.'

Click search

Once you get to the 'Find Pre-Health Enrichment Programs' page, scroll down to provide any additional information.

2. Go to

3. Information programs in Nutrition & Dietetics

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