CLAS Faculty Shared their Research, May 2021

May 27, 2021


A May 25 New York Times article, "The Central California Town That Keeps Sinking," was produced in a joint effort that included work from the Center for Collaborative Investigative Journalism, an organization led by Jeff Kelly Lowenstein, assistant professor of multimedia journalism. Kelly Lowenstein is executive director of the global organization committed to journalists covering overlooked issues while seeking solutions.

Elena Lioubimtseva, professor of geography and sustainable planning, was a co-author of an article, "Dataset of 36 Publicly Available Multi-issue Climate Change Adaptation Plans of Small and Mid-size Urban Communities in France and the United States," published in Mendeley Data. Lioubimtseva also received a $10,000 grant from Michigan Space Grant Consortium for a project, "Michigan Resources on Climate and Land Change Education: Vulnerability and Justice."

Michael P. Lombardo, professor of biology, and Robert Deaner, professor of psychology, were co-authors of an essay, "How Humans Became the Best Throwers on the Planet," published in The Conversation.

AWRI's Bopi Biddanda, Anthony Weinke and a student were co-authors of an article, "A Glimpse of the Otherworldly 'Lakescape' at the Bottom of the Middle Island Sinkhole in Lake Huron," published in Eos.

Richard Rediske, professor of water resources, and students gave presentations, "Investigation of Escherichia coli Coliform contamination in the Pigeon River Watershed" and "Investigation of Escherichia coli Contamination in Little Black Creek," at the virtual Michigan Academy of Science, Arts and Letters Conference.

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