CLAS faculty receive GSA Outstanding Teaching Award

May 11, 2021


College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

Dr. Patrick Thorpe, Department of Cell and Molecular Biology

Nominated by: Christian Nafso, Cell and Molecular Biology

Dr. Thorpe has been a professor for quite some time now, yet it’s clear he thrives to always be a better teacher and mentor. He taught a lot of the everyday skills & abilities that goes into any workplace or institution. On numerous occasions, Dr. Thorpe was able to lead class discussion where everyone more than wanted to participate. Additionally, he used GVSU as examples for policies, systems, and regulations in lessons and material. He really is a Laker and proud!

Dr. Melba Vélez Ortiz, School of Communications

Nominated by: Patrick Anderson, Communications

Dr. Vélez Ortiz engages students in dynamic and inclusive learning experiences. As a communication ethicist, she uses creative listening labs to show students that listening is even more important than talking. Dr. Vélez Ortiz requires students to slow down their thinking and to consider questions and solutions from new perspectives. Dr. Vélez Ortiz also promotes academic rigor by pushing her students publish or present their work beyond the classroom.

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