CLAS Faculty disseminating their work this week

July 27, 2021

Charlyn Partridge, assistant professor of water resources, gave a virtual presentation, "Petite and Perilous: Combining Herbarium and Genetic Data to Explore the Successful Invasion of Baby’s Breath (Gysophila paniculata) across North America," for Wilfrid Laurier University. Partridge also received a research grant from Pierce Cedar Creek Institute in collaboration with the Gun Lake Tribe to continue a wild rice genetics project.

Al Steinman, director of Annis Water Resources Institute, gave a virtual presentation, "Emerging Water Issues that Face Our Planet," for the Hope Academy of Senior Professionals.

Scott Stabler, professor of history, was a co-author of a chapter, "Slave to Soldier: United States Colored Troops in the West During the Civil War," published in Critical Race Studies Across Disciplines: Resisting Racism through Scholactivism. Stabler was a co-author of an article, "The Odd Couple: William T. Sherman, O.O. Howard, Loyalty, Soldier, and the Freedpeople," published in the Journal of America's Military Past.

Chasity Bailey-Fakhoury and Lisa Perhamus, associate professors of education, and Kin Ma, associate professor of geography and sustainable planning, were authors of an article, "Feeling Displaced, Enacting Resistance: Race, Place, and Schooling in the Face of Gentrifying Forces," published in the Urban Review Journal.

Chris Haven, associate professor of writing, wrote a book of poetry, Bone Seeker, published by NYQ Books.

Annis Water Resources Institute staff members Janet Vail and Amanda Syers gave a virtual presentation, "Human Impacts: Data Rich Lessons for Middle School," at the Michigan Science Teachers Association conference.

Ross Sherman, associate professor of movement science, wrote an article, "An Ice Vest, but Not Single-Hand Cooling, Is Effective at Reducing Thermo-Physiological Strain During Exercise Recovery in the Heat," published in a journal, Frontiers in Sports and Active Living: Elite Sports and Performance Enhancement.

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