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2019-2020 Undergraduate & Graduate Catalog

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Bachelor of Science in Cardiovascular Sonography

Requirements for a Major in Cardiovascular Sonography

Prerequisite Courses (35 credits)

*Also fulfills general education requirements

General Education Requirements - Foundations and Cultures (12 credits, with 6 Issue credits)

Remaining general education courses not covered in the major coursework or major prerequisites:

  • General education (Arts) Credits: 3
  • General education (Philosophy) Credits: 3
  • General education (History) Credits: 3
  • General education (Global Perspectives) Credits: 3
  • Issues (two courses that can be taken when student has 55+ credits) Credits: 6
  • WRT 150 - Strategies in Writing (4 credits)

Students are strongly encouraged to meet periodically with their academic advisor to determine their progress toward and eligibility for admission into the cardiovascular program: Students are assigned to a College of Health Professions Student Services academic advisor prior to program admission. Upon admission into the program students are assigned to a CVS faculty advisor.

B.S. Program Requirements (10 credits)

And one of the following:

Note: STA 215 is a prerequisite for the three previously listed research courses

Cardiovascular Sonography Courses (68 credits- includes Issues courses)

The cardiovascular sonography major prepares students for clinical practice in adult echocardiography, pediatric echocardiography and vascular sonography. Cardiovascular sonographers work collaboratively with cardiologist, radiologists, vascular surgeons, or other specialized physicians to diagnose a diverse range of conditions involving invasive and noninvasive procedures using complex computerized high frequency sound wave and Doppler signal equipment. The sonographer must acquire excellent knowledge of sectional anatomy, clinical medicine, pathology, and the use of sonographic instrumentation.

Major Coursework

Suggested Order of Coursework

Freshman Year

Fall Semester (14 credits)
Winter Semester (13 credits)

Sophomore Year

Fall Semester (13 credits)
Winter Semester (14 credits) - Students apply to CVS by deadline

Junior Year

Fall Semester (15 credits) - Students admitted to CVS
Winter Semester (15 credits)
Spring/Summer (5 credits)

Senior Year

Fall Semester (16 credits)
Winter Semester (17 credits)

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