The CARE Team

What Does CARE Do?

CARES primary function is to help keep the university community safe and connect distressed students to support services. CARE seeks prevention rather than reaction to students in distress. In doing this, CARE:

  • Gathers and manages reported information from concerned faculty and staff
  • Reacheds out to students who have been referred to connects them to support services
  • Provides faculty and staff with support and intervention resource

Who Serves On the CARE Team

Kristen Evans - Assistant Director of Housing & Residence Life

Emily First - Student Support Manager with the Dean of Students Office

Kourosh Khatir - Assistant Director of Public Safety & Captain

Eric Klingensmith -  Associate Director, Director of Clinical and Crisis Services

Mike Messner -  Director, Student Success Programs

Jeff Stoll -  Assistant Director of Public Safety & Captain

Paige Vermaat -  Coordinator of Referrals, University Counseling Center

Shontaye Witcher -  Director,  Disability Support Resources

Ben Witt -  Director, Office of Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution

Page last modified May 17, 2022