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Create Budget Amendment for Organization JOB AID COMING FEBRUARY 2024

In Workday, a cost center manager or designation manager, can shift budget between budget pools by using the task Create Budget Amendments for Organization.

Budget amendments can be created to:

  • Shift budget between cost centers or designations.
  • Shift budget between ledger account summaries or ledger accounts within one cost center or designation (for example, between Non-Compensation Expense Budget Pool or Student Compensation Budget Pool).

Budget amendments can be created for either the current year or for ongoing base budget.

  • Current Year Cost Center Manager Budget Amendment - for amendments that only impact the current year
  • Base Cost Center Manager Budget Amendment - for amendments that impact the base budget and the current year budget at the same amount.


Please contact the Budget Office for assistance:

  • For base budget amendments with only partial impact to the current year
  • If the budget amendment is due to reorganization or contains a significant number of lines

Request Budget Amendment Related to Borrowed Faculty/Staff

If you have a faculty member who teaches a course outside of their "home" department, and that course is considered part of their regular workload, you will need to complete the Borrowed Faculty/Staff form to re-distribute that portion of their compensation to the other department. 

In certain cases, this form may also be used to reallocate compensation related to Grant Releases; contact your Grant Accountant to see if this applies to your situation.  Any requests related to grant worktags will be reviewed by the Grant Accounting Office.

Request Department Journal Entry

Department journal entries are used for transferring funds between Designations or other fund types. 

Create a Department Journal Entry Request

Workday Recruitment and Hiring Processes

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