My Banner is a university-wide computer information management system. While there are many functions within banner, the Brooks Advising Center primarily assists students in the utilization of registration functions. A few of Banner's functions include the ability for students to add, drop and withdraw from academic coursework. Use this link to access MyBanner.
When do you register? This link will provide you with information about when you may register during the advanced registration period based on your credit hours (earned plus in progress) and first letter of your last name.
MyBanner Registration Information A step-by-step set of instructions on how to search, add, and drop courses using MyBanner.
Annual Class Schedule Use this to find out what courses will be offered and when for each semester.
Registration Error Messages Registration errors do occur in the MyBanner system. This section will explain some of the common registration errors and how to check for restrictions during registration.
Closed Class Closed Class permit procedures vary between departments. Contact the department for the correct procedure. Advisor Hold Students who are under academic review will automatically have an advisor hold placed on their account which will not be released until they meet with an advisor in our office. SWS Courses To see a list of the Supplemental Writing Skills (SWS) courses offered during the year, please use the link to the left. Also please note that not all sections of a course are SWS. For example, some sections of PHI 101 are offered as SWS, while others are not. If the course is offered as SWS, SWS will be included in the title.
Course Repeat Policy To the left is an explanation of the GVSU Repeat Policy.
Late Course Add Click to view the Late Course Add Policy.
Late Course Withdrawal Click to view the Late Course Withdrawal Policy.
The Value in Taking 15 Credits Why you should take as many credits as you can succeed in per semester


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