Food and questions from around the world: For the Culture Quiz Bowl

February 28, 2024

Food and questions from around the world: For the Culture Quiz Bowl


Aromas of African American, Haitian and Ghanaian cuisine emanated from the Kirkhof Center's Grand River Room February 27, along with the sounds of fierce and enthusiastic competition.

Students and a few faculty and staff members flexed their Black history and cultural knowledge at the second “For the Culture Quiz Bowl,” while enjoying music and food from many cultures.

The tournament-style trivia event focused on Black history and culture from around the world. Topics included history, language, geography, politics and pop culture.

With a single elimination style, the competition kept students on their toes, such as Hailey Bos, a sophomore honors student. “We are all pretty excited, but hoping that we can work hard to make it near the end of the tournament,” said Bos.

Jakia Marie, assistant professor of interdisciplinary studies and coordinator for African African American Studies, asked the first question: “What is the capital city of Ethiopia?” 

Marie started with the less challenging questions and eventually moving to more difficult topics, such as the Adidas shoe that was designed by what artist? Answer: Ye, formerly known as Kanye West.

By the end of the event, participants learned several dozen facts about Black history and culture.

"African peoples have influenced the world in every aspect imaginable but have been removed from our curriculum. Most people don’t know anything about Africa,” Marie said. “This event celebrates the histories, cultures and contributions of African descendants all over the world.”

Jake Fries, a senior who is majoring in photography, enjoyed the cultural mix of cuisine at the event. “With all this different food, I had to branch out and get everything, tons of new things that I have never tried," Fries said.

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