Kalamazoo County

Kalamazoo County Educational Resources

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Kalamazoo Public Schools- Learning Hub

KPS Learning Hub would like to welcome you to their website to access grade level appropriate learning resources and APP information.  The resources are available to all grade levels from Peep to 12th grade students.

For Questions and/or Support Please Contact the KPS Help Desk: [email protected]

Kalamazoo Public Library- Elearning Resources

KPL offers eLearning opportunities for all ages and all levels of computer users. Are you brand new to using a computer and need help getting started? KPL Digital Learn is for you. If you are looking for professional development opportunities, how-to instruction or to learn a new skill, check out our collection from Lynda. Feeling crafty? Learn a new skill or tackle a more advanced project with CreativebugHoopla also offers a wide variety of instructional videos on various topics. With KPL eLearn, your opportunities to expand your knowledge base is unlimited!

Parent and Student Guides to Virtual Learning

Virtual learning is a great option for students and can be an effective way to learn. Because taking virtual courses is quite different from taking courses in face-to-face classrooms, however, it’s important for students to understand what habits they should have or ought to develop and what support systems they will need to succeed. Research shows that students who are well-prepared and well-supported for this new experience perform better in their courses.

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