Health & Teacher Education Pipeline Scholarships

GVSU-Battle Creek Public Schools Pipeline Scholarship Program

Through the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, Battle Creek Public Schools and Grand Valley State University grant partnership, Grand Valley State University is excited to announce six (6) Kellogg Foundation scholarships for Battle Creek Central High School graduating seniors in the Class of 2022 to attend Grand Valley State University in the Fall 2022 semester. These six (6) scholarships will include the cost of tuition and fees, housing, dining and a book stipend of $700 per semester for eight (8) semesters of full-time undergraduate study. 

Eligibility Requirements to apply for the Pipeline Scholarships:

  • Students must be graduating seniors from Battle Creek Central High School in the Class of 2022.
  • Students must be admitted into Grand Valley State University.
  • Students must declare an undergraduate major in Teacher Education (Elementary, Secondary, or Special Education) or in Nursing or Health Professions when applying for this scholarship.
  • Students must be enrolled full-time (12 or more credits per semester) at Grand Valley State University starting the Fall 2022 semester.
  • Students declaring an undergraduate major in Teacher Education must be willing to complete their Student Teaching placement with Battle Creek Public Schools.
  • Students declaring an undergraduate major in Nursing or Health Professions must complete at least one experiential learning experience with a healthcare facility in Battle Creek.


Pipeline Scholarship Value Defined: each scholarship covers the following costs for a total of eight (8) semesters of full-time undergraduate study including:

  • Cost of tuition and fees per semester (12-16 credit hours per semester)
  • Cost of housing and dining- either:
  • Book Stipend: $700 per semester


Additional Information About the Scholarships:

  • Receiving a scholarship does not guarantee admission into the secondary admit programs.
GVSU Pew Campus

The scholarship application is closed.

To complete the application, login to GVSU's scholarship database "myscholarships". You must be admitted to GVSU before completing the scholarship application. You will login using your GVSU login information. Once logged in, search for the BCPS Health and Teacher Education Pipeline Scholarship application. You will need to complete a short essay to complete the application. The essay prompt is: "Please tell us about your career goals and why remaining connected to Battle Creek is important to you?"

Pipeline Scholarship Program Overview

As a recipient of this scholarship, students are a part of the Pipeline Scholarship Program. This support program serves to provide resources to support students' overall success as a GVSU student. 

The following resources are provided in this program:

  1. Mentorship- each student is partnered with a GVSU faculty mentor. Through this mentorship, students will develop their skills and experiences, by acclimating more to GVSU along with preparing them for their future careers. 
  2. Events- students will participate in program events on-campus or in Battle Creek throughout the year to connect with each other.
  3. Advising- students will meet with GVSU Battle Creek Regional Outreach Center staff four times throughout the year to engage in reflections on their learning, progress and overall experience at GVSU. Staff will connect students to campus resources to best support them on their journeys.
GVSU faculty mentor
Battle Creek high school students earn scholarship through W.K. Kellogg Partnership

Battle Creek high school students earn scholarships through W.K. Kellogg Partnership

Six high school seniors from Battle Creek interested in pursuing education, nursing or health professions received scholarships to attend Grand Valley in fall 2020 through a partnership among the university, Battle Creek Public Schools and the W.K. Kellogg Foundation. 

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