Dual Enrollment

Students at Battle Creek Central High School (BCCHS) have the opportunity to enroll in free dual-enrollment courses taught in person at the high school by GVSU professors. These dual-enrollment courses will be taken along with students' high school courses at BCCHS. Students will grow their social networks by connecting with GVSU staff and faculty. Below is more information on the courses.

Dual Enrollment Forms

You must complete the dual enrollment form and dual enrollment non-degree application and turn them into your high school counselor or the Welcome Center office. Battle Creek Central High School staff will confirm your GPA and send transcripts on your behalf to GVSU.

Eligibility Requirements:

Students with a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.75 (on a 4-point scale), and who will be at the 11th or 12th-grade level are eligible to take dual-enrollment courses through Grand Valley State University. Students must earn at least a 2.0 in each dual enrollment class if they wish to continue taking dual enrollment courses through Grand Valley State University.

Health Care and Nursing Pathway Students

AHS 100: Medical Terminology (3 credits)

This course offers a systematic approach to understanding medical terminology through the construction and translation of medical terms. The focus is to enable students to practice and use this specialized language in preparation for work in the health care environment. This course is required for many health care degree programs, and students will get ahead by earning credits for this class before they graduate high school. 

GVSU nursing students working in classroom lab

AHS 110: Introduction to Health Care (3 credits)

This course provides students with an introduction to the U.S. healthcare system and health-related professions they might enter. Content includes how health care is provided in the U.S., organizations involved in providing health care, and an introduction to the various health professions that students may enter as a career. 


Battle Creek Central High School students interested in enrolling in the GVSU Allied Health Sciences Dual Enrollment courses should contact their school counselor, and/or email or call Nikki Elder at [email protected] or (616) 331-7613.

All Academy Students


Have you ever thought about in what ways education can transform your life and change your world? In this course, you will get an opportunity to explore how liberal education can empower you and others to question yourselves and your society through critical engagement with both classical and contemporary philosophical and literary texts. You will discover how a liberal education can teach skills that can help you develop your personal, professional, and civic lives. INT100- Provides a foundation to help you become familiar with college-level work, develop study habits, learn to use critical thinking skills, and engage in critical dialogs, all while having fun learning! (course is worth 3 college credits)

EDF 115: Introduction to Education

This field-based course explores the way schools work and introduces students to educators' professional roles and responsibilities. Students learn principles of teaching and learning, including social and cultural factors that shape learning outcomes. Students spend 15 hours learning about different professions in the field of education and another 15 hours working in a classroom setting assisting experienced teachers in the classroom. (course is worth 3 college credits)


Battle Creek High School Students interested in enrolling in the GVSU Education Dual Enrollment courses should email Professor Sarah Cox at [email protected] or call (616) 331-6593.

Page last modified November 21, 2022