Shadow and Light - Selections from the Douglas R. Gilbert Photography Collection

Douglas R. Gilbert has been a serious photographer since the age of fourteen. When he was twenty-one, he joined the staff of Look magazine in New York as the second youngest photojournalist in the magazine’s history.  A few years later, he left Look to work as an artist and has since had his work published in countless national and international publications such as LIFE, The Saturday Evening Post and Glamour.

Shadow and Light includes 28 black and white silver gelatin prints from the Douglas R. Gilbert Photography Collection at Grand Valley State University. Over a period of ten years, Gilbert traveled throughout Italy to photograph the light and landscape that has drawn generations of artists. This selection looks specifically at the contrast and dynamic play of shadow and light on the architecture of Italian communities.

black and white photo of white columns inside cathedral

Douglas R. Gilbert, Santa Sabina, Rome, 2010, 1/25, silver gelatin print, 2018.48.86

man walking on cobblestone street next to stone stairway with pigeon on ground next to him

Douglas R. Gilbert, Cortona, Tuscany (detail), 1999, 1/5, silver gelatin print, 2018.48.70a

black and white photograph of three cats sitting in front of doorway in cobblestone alley

Douglas R. Gilbert, Pitigliano, Tuscany (detail), 2001, 1/15, silver gelatin print, 2018.48.54a

black and white photograph of man's silhouette walking away from viewer in cobblestone alley

Douglas R. Gilbert, Orvieto, Umbria (detail), 2003, 1/15, silver gelatin print, 2018.48.125


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black and white photograph of font of holy water next to column

Douglas R. Gilbert, San Agostino #2, Monte San Savino, Tuscany, 2010, 1/25, silver gelatin print, 2018.48.82a


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