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The GVSU Art Gallery presents events, activities, and resources related to exhibitions, art in public spaces, and the permanent collection each semester to support faculty, engage students, and connect with the community. We collaborate with GVSU academic departments and individual faculty to develop additional opportunities for learning and engagement. We also host group exhibition tours and class visits to the collection throughout the year. To schedule or inquire about a tour or class visit, please complete one of the forms linked below.

Group Tour Request Form

Visit, Tour, or Collaboration Request Form

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Exhibition Learning Resources

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A quick-reference guide to exhibition themes as well as discussion prompts for educators to incorporate into their teaching.

A list of exhibition-related books, articles, and other media available from the GVSU Libraries in a variety of formats including print and digital.

Events, both in-person and virtual, related to exhibitions throughout the year.

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Virtual Tours, Recorded Events and Interviews

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Art on Campus Tours

Tours of artwork in public spaces, including campus buildings and outdoor spaces.

Artist Talks

Presentations by artists represented in the collection. 

Exhibition Tours and Talks

Exhibition tours, artist talks, panel discussions, and more content related to past and current exhibitions across all our campus galleries.

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Browse the Collection by Medium

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The GVSU Art Collection includes sculpture, prints and drawings, American Impressionism, international art, photography, contemporary art, and more. On the webpage linked below are highlights from the collection grouped by medium. Use this page to browse or locate specific information by medium.

Browse by Medium

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Browse the Collection by Academic Topic

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The GVSU art collection is on display in every campus building, including academic and office spaces. Artwork is curated in these spaces to reflect the academic topics taught there. To reflect this academic approach, artwork in the collection is tagged with Library of Congress Subject Terms and curated into academic topics, fields of study, and other academic-based categories. Now you can browse through these categories in our database.

Browse by Academic Topic

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Contact Us

For questions or collaboration inquiries contact [email protected].

Page last modified February 9, 2023