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The GVSU Art Collection brings together artwork from both local and international artists as well as GVSU students and faculty. The collection includes a wide range of mediums (meaning the material from which an artwork is created). This webpage highlights artwork in the collection from four major categories: photography, works on paper, sculpture, and paintings. These categories are then broken down even further by both the the raw materials with which the artwork was made and the history of the art form.

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The GVSU art collection includes early photographic objects like tin-types, daguerreotypes and real photo postcards. It also includes contemporary photography by local and international photographers exploring both color and black-and-white imagery.

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unknown artist, Daguerreotypes, circa 1860

Artist Unknown, Untitled (Portrait of Three Women), circa 1860. 2021.33.24

Platey by Patty Carroll

Patty Carroll, Platey, digital archival photograph, 2016, 2021.73.4

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Works on Paper

Work on paper refers to all artworks that are created on paper as a medium, whether the paper is drawn on with pastels, pencils, ink or charcoal. Works on paper also include prints and collage. Over 3,000 works of art on paper are housed in our Print and Drawing Cabinet, a special sub-collection of artwork begun in 2001 with a donation from English-born, Dutch artist Cyril Lixenberg. 

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Dong Yanzi, Polo Game In Tang Dynasty, ink on paper, 2002, 2002.308.1

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The GVSU art collection includes a wide range of painted media including oil, acrylic, and watercolor. 

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abstract acrylic painting

David Warmenhoven, Reb Roberts, Carmella Loftis, James Van Eizenga, Today One More Time, acrylic on canvas, undated. 2020.26.3 

circular watercolor abstract painting, blues and purples

BeiBei and Leilei Chen, Malignant Landscape, watercolor, 2016. 2018.7.1 

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Sculpture in the GVSU art collection includes small scale and monumental works in ceramics, metals, stone, glass, mixed media, and textiles.

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monumental sized bright blue steel arches

Gary Kulak, Transformational Link, painted steel, 1990. 1998.007.1

copper faucet with little army men pouring out

Renée Zettle-Sterling, Actuality #8, bronze, silver and copper, 2002. 2002.411.1

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Art on Campus

For more information about the artwork selection and installation process at the DeVos Center for Interprofessional Health or other buildings on campus, please contact Art Gallery Project Manager, Alison Christensen; [email protected].

University Art Collection

For questions related to any artwork in the University Art Collection, in storage or on view, please contact our Collections Manager, Nicole Webb; [email protected].


For questions about integrating artwork into curriculum, please contact our UX/Learning Manager, Amanda Rainey; [email protected].

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