Lake Huron Hall

exterior of Lake Huron Hall, Grand Valley State University

Above: exterior of Lake Huron Hall south entrance.
Bottom left: first floor study area featuring work by Jacob Nelson; 2006.182.1, 2006.183.1, and 2006.184.1
Bottom center: south stairwell featuring work by Brad Walworth; 2019.62.2.
Bottom right: second floor lounge area featuring work by Daleene Menning; 1998.066.1 and 2005.104.1.

Lake Huron Hall (LHH) was originally constructed on the Allendale campus in the early 1960’s, along with two other lake buildings; Lake Michigan Hall and Lake Superior Hall. LHH has undergone an extensive renovation, preserving the exterior design of the lake buildings, but with a totally restructured interior. Included in this massive renovation was a refresh of the artwork that was selected in partnership with the Department of Classics and Department of English.

The artwork displayed in the beautifully renovated building encourages appreciation and understanding of art and its role in society through direct engagement with original works of art. This is done in support of the GVSU 2016-2021 Strategic Plan:

GVSU 2016-2021 Strategic Plan, Objective 3.D.4
At least 15% of faculty integrate the institution’s art collection into their curricula and use it in their instructional activities.

Click to learn more about artworks at LHH.

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No matter what your interests or area of study, the GVSU Art Gallery has amazing pieces of art that speak directly to your work! Get a conversation going with your students! Contact the gallery staff for tips about how to get started.

- Dr. Melissa Morison, Associate Professor and Chair of the Department of Classics

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Department of Classics

Associate Professor and Chair of the Department of Classics, Dr. Melissa Morison, describes the carefully selected artworks in LHH as, “great examples of a successful marriage of art and instructional space. Each object group offers students opportunities to explore connections between ancient and modern-exactly the kinds of connections our discipline encourages students to build, and exactly the kinds of connections we want to make in our teaching in Lake Huron Hall.”

People looking at artwork in a plexiglass case inside Lake Huron Hall at GVSU

Art Gallery staff discuss artworks on display during an Instagram Live event. Artworks featured; 2005.184.12009.19.4, and 2009.132.1.

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Three people in the hallway at Lake Huron Hall discussing artwork on the wall

Art Gallery staff discuss artworks on display at LHH during an Instagram Live event. Artworks by Brett Colley; 2019.25.32019.25.6, and 2019.25.7.

Department of English

Associate Professor and Chair of the Department of English, Dr. Ashley Shannon, observed, “It was nice to see some old friends [art] as well as some outstanding new pieces, and the focus on storytelling through art really comes through.” Storytelling and visual literacy skills, along with the ability to think critically, deeply analyze, and reflect on what they've learned are central to the mission of the Department of English.


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Click on any of the images below to learn more about the artwork on display at Lake Huron Hall.

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Near Alpena: Glacial Bog, Jane Everhart, pastel on paper, 1999, 2000.113.1

Study area at Lake Huron Hall.
Left: States/Icarus, Cathy Pilling Marashi, lithograph, 1982, 2003.441.1
Right: Untitled, Ericc "Etok" Tascote, Acrylic on board, 2016, 2019.10.2

Eye Of The Odalisque (Odalisque #19), Eleanor Van Haitsma, water color, 1988, 1999.986.1

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Art on Campus

For more information about the artwork selection and installation process at Lake Huron Hall or other buildings on campus, please contact Art Gallery Project Manager, Alison Christensen; [email protected].

University Art Collection

For questions related to any artwork in the University Art Collection, in storage or on view, please contact our Collections Manager, Nicole Webb; [email protected].


For questions about integrating artwork into curriculum, please contact [email protected].

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