Humanitarian Work in Havana: The Story of First-Hand Aid

Photograph - Charlie Pryor, June 2012, Cienfuegos Cuba

“During a stop in the mountains on the way to Cienfuegos we connected with several families who were familiar with First Hand Aid.  After giving the boys baseballs and gloves I (Gordy Alderink), and my new friends, were all smiles.”

In June, 2012 Gordon Alderink, Assistant Professor in Physical Therapy, and Charlie Pryor, senior Grand Valley State University (GVSU) film and video student, traveled to Havana, Cuba with First-Hand Aid (FHA).  FHA is an humanitarian organization from Grand Rapids who has been traveling to Cuba for almost two decades.  Alderink and Pryor learned of FHA during an earlier trip to Havana with FHA and the GVSU baseball team.  However, during the previous trip they were not able to join in the work of FHA.  So, they decided that they had to go back! 

This exhibit was created to share the FHA experience with GVSU.  And, to inform the audience about the Cuban national health system, its strengths and its weaknesses, and FHA’s story.  The exhibit will introduce the audience to the FHA team, new Cuban friends, and the work FHA does. 

Come on, walk with us!

May 12 - September 22, 2017

Free and open to the public.

Red Wall Gallery
Lake Ontario Hall

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