ArtPrize 2013

Grand Valley State University Venue

Grand Valley State University’s Robert C. Pew Grand Rapids Campus is situated along the Grand River between Pearl and Fulton Street, and located at the west end of the historic Blue Bridge. The Blue Bridge is a heavy populated pedestrian bridge that connects the west side of Grand Rapids, to Grand Rapids City Center. The metropolitan downtown campus is accessed by numerous students, visitors, faculty and staff and many conferences and events are scheduled during the ArtPrize Exhibition. The beautiful grounds of L.V. Eberhard Center, Fred M Keller Engineering Lab and John C. Kennedy Hall of Engineering at 301 Fulton Street W, Grand Rapids, MI 49504 make this an ideal place to showcase exterior works of art by local, national an international artists.

Grand Valley State University has a long tradition of supporting the arts. The university’s permanent collection now numbers over 10,000 works of art, collected in support of its educational mission. The majority of these works are displayed throughout the university’s grounds and facilities, to promote diversity and cultural understanding. The collection has also been established to enrich the lives of students, faculty, staff and the community. The collection features works in a wide range of media by faculty, students and GVSU alumni. Additionally, many of Michigan’s finest visual artists, and numerous works by renowned national and international artists works are included in the collection. The collection can be viewed online at and "Art at GVSU" is available in the iTunes App store and in the Google play store with a gaming element added to the Art at GVSU mobile application.

September 18 to October 6, 2013

Mon-Thurs   5:00 p.m.-8:00 p.m.
Fri & Sat      12:00 p.m.-10:00 p.m.
Sunday       12:00 p.m.-6:00 p.m.


ArtPrize 2013 Venue Seal

GVSU Venue Artists

Reframing Disabilities

We are a group of four teachers representing the Special Education department within the College of Education at Grand Valley State University.  Grand Rapids, MI.
Description:  3-D, Wood/metal/plastic/glass.  5 inches D x 22 feet W x 5 feet H.  Created 2013.

Reframing Disabilities, a multimedia series of 5 frames, will engage viewers in the various sensory, mobility, and communication experiences of individuals with disabilities.

Reframing Disabilities

Poetry and Sculpture: A Meditative Space

This entry will be based on the combined efforts of poetry and sculpture students from Grand Valley State University.  Allendale, MI.
Description:  Installation, Wood, cloth, etc.  10ft D x 10ft W x 10ft H.  Created 2013.

Poetry and Sculpture: A Meditative Space is the collaborative effort of students and professors from Grand Valley State University. Materials include tree stumps, large tree branches, wind-chimes, and a wooden path. GVSU Art & Design student Sara Weimer is designing and making the installation. GVSU Writing students who will write poems are: Lauren Allen, Anthony Anzell, Rachel Bowling, Caleb Dawdy, Chani Faye Jones, Ellen Lundgren, and Michael Walton. GVSU faculty who are mentoring the students are Dept. of Art & Design Professor Norwood Viviano and Writing Dept. Professor Patricia Clark.

Meditative Spaces

Sound Print

Black River Public School Students, with Art Instructor Katie Chester, Artist Natalie Thompson, and GVSU Professor David Keister.  Holland, MI.
Description: 2-D, Silk Screen.  1/16” D x 15” W x 22“ H.  Created 2013

A print designed around the concept of Synesthesia. This is a visual print which represents speeches. This print is the collaboration between Natalie Thompson, the designer and fellow students who made the print with GVSU print professors at GVSU.

Sound Print

"Trial by Tires"

Excel Charter Academy Students, with At Instructor Mary Eckert and Artist Elaine Dalcher.  Grand Rapids, MI.
Description: 3-D, Up-cycled wood and bicycle tires.  3" D x 192" W x 48" H.  Created 2013.
Trial by Tires is a 6-panel relief sculpture. Each panel is 48" tall and 32" wide with mixed media recycled bicycle tires, metal and exterior latex paint, decorated front and back. This "Up-cycle" sculpture was inspired by our study (at Excel Charter Academy) of the Heidelberg Project in Detroit, Louise Nevelson, Deborah Butterfield and Chakaia Booker. Our goal was to use recycled materials and create something totally new - using everyday materials in a surprising way. Panels will be installed - one next to the other in a zigzag pattern presented a small distance off the ground. Panels will be secured on steel rods sledged 24" into the ground.

Trial by Tires

Whispering Poetry

William C. Abney Academy Third Grade Students, with Art Instructor Nicole Fritsch. Grand Rapids, MI.
Description: 3-D, Multi-Media.  6” D x 8’ W x 4’ H.  Created 2013.
Whispering Poetry tubes were introduced to the Grand Rapids area by Grand Valley State University.  As an elementary art educator I enjoy taking art across the curriculum. Creating Whispering Poetry tubes with my collaborators allowed us to mix language arts with the visual arts. Modern Languages Professor, Zulema Morea first experienced whispering while visiting Argentina. Whispering Poetry harkens back to the French renaissance tradition, souffleurs du poeme by reading poems softly in a quiet place, especially to a loved one. Reading a poem through a whisper tube affords the reader and listener to have an intimate poetry experience even on a busy city street. Poets choose words based upon the images they conjure in our minds. Many Whispering Poetry tubes reflect the images referenced by a poem or poems of the makers liking.

Whispering Poetry

graphic poetry

University Prep Science + Math Art Club, with Advisor Vera Smith and Artist Marcia Perry.  Detroit, MI.
Description:  No description or image available.


GVSU Venue Events

Opening Night Kick-Off!
September 18, 6:30-7:30 p.m.

Meet at Rosa Parks Circle with the Pride of the Mid West - The Grand Valley State University Marching Band and the Dance Ensemble. Meet 6:30 p.m. at Rosa Parks Circle. We will end up at the Grand Valley State University Venue on the Westside in front of the L. V. Eberhard Center near the Blue Bridge.

Poetry Reading
September 20, 6:00 p.m. - 7:30 p.m.

L. V. Eberhard Center, Room 203
Please come hear the poems written for GVSU’s ArtPrize entry: “Poetry and Sculpture: A Meditative Space.” GVSU writing majors will read haiku they created as part of the collaborative effort in creating the entry. The writing students are working with GVSU Art and Design students, and both groups are mentored by Writing Professor Patricia Clark and Art and Design Professor Norwood Viviano.