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Prof. Alexa Miller leading a group of GVSU students in a workshop about looking with intent.

Learning experiences and resources related to the art collection and exhibitions are available here for GVSU faculty, students, and the broader community. The GVSU Art Gallery collects, exhibits, and interprets visual art to foster experiential learning and cultural engagement. Artwork from the collection and exhibitions can be found in 130 buildings and outdoor locations on all GVSU campuses. The Art Gallery encourages and supports the integration of art into every classroom.

Learning through visual art can: 

  • improve visual literacy,
  • foster creative and critical thought,
  • encourage empathy and cross-cultural understanding, and
  • provide avenues for personal reflection.

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Resources for Educators

thumbnail images of impressionist paintings with the text, "Art Collection Database" over top

Access over 20,000 works of art from across the globe in the online database. Use the links below to quickly find artwork related to a specific subject or collection, or in a campus building. Or check out database hints and tutorials here.

painting of people gathered around a kitchen table with the text, "Teaching Tools" over top

Teach with visual thinking strategies using the online art collection, dive into visual literacy pedagogy, or collaborate with Art Gallery staff to create cross-disciplinary learning experiences that link the visual arts to other fields of study. 

the GVSU PAC gallery with the text, "Exhibition Guides" over top

Annual exhibitions explore the intersection of artistic expression and other fields of study. Bring your class to a gallery this semester to explore artwork through the lens of your curriculum or email to schedule a virtual visit. Each exhibition is presented online along with a list of recommended readings, related resources, and a quick-reference learning guide.

Winter 2021 Exhibitions

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Resources for Students

students on the grounds making art with the text "Student Perspectives" over top

GVSU students are invited to submit their thoughts on an artwork from the collection. Perhaps you've noticed a particularly compelling painting in your res hall? Or maybe you can't stop looking at the sculpture outside your classroom? Or you've browsed the online Art Collection and found a series of artworks that speak to you! Gather your thoughts, type up 200-300 words and submit your perspective via the online form to be published on the Student Perspectives on the Art Collection blog

students gathered around an artwork in discussion with the text "Learning Opportunities" over top

Students are invited to engage with the art collection, explore exhibitions, and participate in learning events. Use the links below to learn more.

student hanging artwork with the text "Student Employment" over top

Job opportunities for GVSU students with the art gallery are available each semester. Student worker positions support a variety of roles at the gallery including the installation and care of artwork, supporting the online collection database, managing social media, and supporting educational programming. Visit the Handshake portal to view and apply for available positions. 

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Get Connected

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Attend An Event
Attend An Event

Check our calendar for upcoming exhibition events and learning opportunities. 

Share Your Success
Share Your Success

Faculty, are you using the university's art collection in your classroom instruction?
Please tell us about it.


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