Exhibition Highlights

GVSU Art Gallery, 1121 Performing Arts Center:

My Ol Man by Patricia Polacco: A Children's Book from Concept to Completion
On loan from the Muskegon Museum of Art
Monday, January 7 Friday, February 1, 2008 - Original studies and final illustrations from the book My Ol' Man by author and illustrator, Patricia Polacco's book that tells the story of the artist's father, William Barber, who was a fun-loving, flimflamming, traveling salesman and captured her colorful memories of summers spent in Lansing, Michigan. This collection of works demonstrated Polacco's ability to weave engaging personal narratives from words and art, from concept to completion.

Shifting Scale: Sarah Lindley and Norwood Viviano
February 14 - March 28, 2008 - For over ten years, Sarah Lindley and Norwood Viviano have explored related themes within their studio practices while working in a shared studio. Shifting Scale brought two bodies of work, Poppenhuis Rendering by Lindley and First Generation Artifacts by Viviano, into the same exhibition space for the first time. These bodies of work, based on Dutch Cabinet Houses and Italian American heirlooms, highlighted a transformation of image and material, raised questions of gender, class, handwork and the legacy of collections.

BFS Exhibition:  DELVE
Sandra Bellerive - Illustration
Hilary Koster - Metals
Lindy Patterson - Illustration
Jennifer Surine - Metals

April 7-10, 2008

School of Communication Photography Senior Thesis:  [re] present
Photography shown by Amand Allietta, Jessica Becker, Matthew Butterfield, Lori Conger, Rebecca Adidi Etim, Sheila Ewerth, Allison Groenleer, Lyanne Hampton, Rachel Palmer, Vanessa Plouffe, Danielle Rolls, Alana Sims, Michelle Tippman, Stephanie Trapp, and Kristina Tucker.
April 14-26, 2008


Function or Submarine: New Work by Hoon Lee
Friday, August 22 - Friday, September 26 - The GVSU Art Gallery began a new season with an exhibit that paid tribute to both traditional and modern techniques in ceramics. Artists have been creating ceramics in Korea since about 6000 BC. This exhibit included ceramic art based on celadon from the Koryo Dynasty (918-1392) and buncheong from the Choseon Dynasty (1392-1910), as well as modern techniques. Lee has been coordinator of the ceramics program since coming to Grand Valley's Department of Art & Design in 2004. The Korean-born artist works primarily at performance-based installations, though his vast interest and experience in ceramics play a role in many of his projects. Of the many pieces created for the exhibit, one non-ceramic piece rose above the others. Hanging from the ceiling of the exhibit was a 12-foot submarine skeleton Lee fashioned from thin strips of bamboo, in part as a tribute to the bamboo tools used in ceramics. "A submarine is a special type of container whose shape resembles the traditional bottles of early Korean ceramics," said Lee. "I thought it would also be a fun way to make reference to the many pieces of ceramics on the sea floor from sunken ships that imported Korean ceramics to Japan centuries ago.

Fall Arts Celebration 2008: Separation as Together: Soonjung Hong and Eunmee Lee, Korean Ceramists at GVSU.
Tuesday, October 7 - Friday, October 31 - Renowned Korean artists presented work created during the first GVSU International Ceramic Workshop during this premiere exhibition. Lee enjoys rough and large installation work, whereas Hong likes very delicate work. Though different in their styles, they live and work together in Heyri, a cultural village in the Paju province of their native Korea. Both of these artists enjoy an international reputation for their fine craftsmanship and blending of ancient techniques with new and innovative methods.

BFA Exhibition:  Spectre
Monday, November10 - Friday, November 14 - Ruby Miller, Sculptor and Jacquelyn Kroll, Illustrator

School of Communications Photography Senior Thesis 2008:  Shoots and Ladders
Monday, November 17 - Thursday, November 20
- Exhibition participants: Jessica Angus, Virginia S. Hineline, Hilary Bergren, Emily Glockzin, Malin Towne, Mary Kate Jennings, Katie Hamilton, Lynn Tenbrink, Mattea Sportel, Chelsea Hoover, Kyle Pallasch, Jessica Furrow, Jacqueline Moinet, Danielle Elliot, Cacia Thompson, Tripp Fay, Jenn Petersen, and Ryan Essenmacher.


Fall 2008 - West Wall Gallery, Eberhard Center:
This was the first of a planned series of small exhibitions that showcased the work of local artists featured in the Eberhard Center, Robert C. Pew Grand Rapids Campus. Caroline Fehsenfeld is a noted regional artist whose work reflects views of the streets and neighborhoods of Grand Rapids and surrounding rural areas. Fehsenfeld is often called a "painters painter." Through her rich palette and textures, she explores various relationships of abstracted shapes, realism and her own enthusiasm for life. This exhibit was on display in Winter 2009 in the Faculty/Staff Dining Gallery in the Kirkhof Center, Allendale Campus. It was presented with the support of LaFontsee Gallery.


Fall 2008 - Faculty/Staff Dining, Kirkhof Center: 
This exhibit was part of a planned series of small exhibitions showcasing the work of local artists featured in the Eberhard Center, Robert C. Pew Grand Rapids Campus. Jon McDonald was born on June 28, 1946. After attending Grand Haven High School, Jon received an Illustrator's Certificate from Kendall College in 1969. In 1972, he went on to receive an MFA in painting with a drawing minor form the San Francisco Art Institute. Currently Jon lives in Grand Rapids, Michigan and holds a position as Professor of Art at Kendall College of Art and Design. When not teaching, Jon paints full time and has had several one-man exhibits throughout the country.