Exhibition Highlights

The Dutch Collection of Contemporary Prints
January 6 – February 17, 2003 - A sampling of Dutch prints that represent the best of graphic art produced in the Netherlands over the past 50 years was displayed in the gallery.  The 500 piece collection, which includes 200 artists’ work was donated to GVSU through a gift of the Brooks family.  About 30 pieces were displayed.

J. Colby.  Working and Living with Aids.
February 17 – March 14, 2003 - Chicago artist Jeff Colby was well known in the art world for his insightful and often whimsical work.  When Colby was diagnosed with the AIDS virus his work reflected his new reality. He continued to celebrate life until his untimely death at the age of 40 in 1996.

The 40 work of art displayed depicted the artist’s eight-year struggle with AIDS and included paintings, collages and large, colorful three-dimensional objects.  Most pieces depicted Colby’s struggle with AIDS and presented a powerful picture of the thoughts and emotions – often unspoken – that AIDS sufferers experience.

BFA Exhibition:  META
Jean Spindler - Painting
Elizabeth Jarvis - Illustration
March 24-27, 2003

BFA Exhibition: Transii Corporeus
Cat Campbell
Liz Nurenberg
March 31 - April 3, 2003

BFA Exhibition:  Serious FUN
Amanda Stark - Metalsmithing
Tracey Drobot - Painting
Julie Simancek - Metalsmithing
April 7-10, 2003

School of Communications Photography Senior Thesis:  [contemplate the obvious]
Photographers showing their work are Danielle E. Koches, Melissa H. Kimura, Jennifer Holman, Deb Lomason, Joesph D. Scott, Amanda Weller, AJ Smuder, Ken Moon, Kate Meier, Justin Culver, Misty Zakrajsek, Michele Kleinhenz, and Abbey Hettsmanperger.
April 14-25

Summer Student Show
May 19 – August 1, 2003 - Selected work of student from the Art and Design Department and the School of Communications were in the exhibition.


Set Sail for Engineering:  The Wooden Shoe Regatta
August 22 – September 19, 2003 - The exhibition was a collaboration with Professor Shirley Fleischman of the School of Engineering, and the GVSU Art Gallery, and showcased a regatta of wooden boats created by engineering students for an annual project.

Shared Impressions:  Contemporary Dutch Prints, Selections form the Brooks Family Gift
September 12, 2003 – January 4, 2004 - Other exhibit venues were The Holland Museum, De Pree Art Center and Gallery at Hope College, Holland Area Arts Council, and Freedom Village

BFA Exhibition:  The Graffiti Monkey Tour
Ty Leutz - Illustration
Jamie Kilinowski - Ceramics
November 10-12, 2003

BFA Exhibition:  IPSEITY
Amie Bajalieh - Sculpture
Emily Kunsky - Illustration
November 17-20, 2003

School of Communications Photography Senior Thesis:  Loos'd of all limits . . .and imaginary lines.
Photographers showing their work are Sadie L. Ball, Jess Balowski, Fred Besteman, Kristin K. Eckley, Matthew Fessenden, Patrick J. Garrett, Tara Hays, Jennifer Hill, Cathie J. Kowalski, David W. Lucas, Allison L. Martin, Ariana M. Rosel, Joseph D Scott, Jeannette Seckinger, Billie Sherman, Jennifer K Swagart, Ellie Tooman, and Stacey Williams.
December 1-5, 2003