Exhibition Highlights

Artist to Artists:  Photographs of Alexander Lieberman
January 8 – February 16, 2001 - As a sculptor and photographer, Lieberman, who for many years was the artistic director of Conde Nast magazine, photographed the leading artists of his time.  The exhibition included more than 50 intriguing and insightful portraits of Picasso, Matisse, Rauschenberg, Rothko and many others.  The exhibition was a collaboration with the Frederik Meijer Gardens and their “Sculptor On Sculptor:  The Photographs of Alexander Lieberman” exhibition were scheduled for January 18 - March 25, 2001.

Independent Voices:  The Art of Animation
February 26 – March 20, 2001 - Henry Matthews, in collaboration with Deanna Morse, Professor of Animation in the School of Communications, invited nationally recognized animators to showcase the latest trends in the field of animation.  Artists included the work of Karen Aqua, Jahn Canemaker, Joan Gratz, Faith Hubley, and Deanna Morse.  A number of programs and events were held during this exhibit.

BFA Exhibition:  Trifoliate
Michelle Adams - Ceramist
Deb Lanning - Metalsmith
Lisa Price - Printmaker
April 9 - 12, 2001

BFA Exhibition:
Jennifer Sweet - Metalsmithing
Rebecca Booms - Illustration
David Huang - Metalsmithing
April 16-19, 2001

BFA Exhibition: 
Sarah Bybee - Metalsmithing
Lori Turner - Illustration
Dru King - Illustration
April 23-26, 2001

School of Communications Photography Senior Thesis Exhibition:
Photography by Roseanne Buckley, Gayle Davis, Kyle Kalm, Ryan McClymondt, Douglas Stayer, Bob Wimsatt, Tiffany Woodbury, and Kelly Zalewski
May 7-24, 2001


Mediated Senses:  Recent Works by School of Communications Faculty
June 4 – August 10, 2001 - Work from professors Joseph McCargar, Deanna Morse, Toni Perrine, David Plowden, Pete Porter, Kim Roberts, Peter Taylor, A. W. Thompson, and Victoria Veenstra included photography, video installations, documentary videos, animation and a surround sound demo installation by Professor Joe McCargar.

New:   Art and Design Faculty
August 24 – September 28, 2001 - GVSU faculty artworks display skillful artistry.  The artists’ work on display were Jim Bové, Mary Connelly, Jill Eggers, Randy Hall, Cedar Nordbye, Johanna Pass, Mark Shepherd, Kirsten Strom, and Renee Zettle-Sterling

Olga and Alexander Florensky:  Miscellaneous
October 8 – 31, 2001 - The collaborative work of Olga and Alezdar Florensku represented these artists’ unique sensibilities regarding the act of collecting.  The projects created a unified artistic environment by combining test, drawing, photography, sculpture, printmaking, sound, film, etc.  It crossed many boundaries and expresses their experiences of the contemporary Russian milieu.

BFA Exhibition: 
Michele Blink - Illustration
Dusty Smith - Sculpture
November 5-8, 2001

BFA Exhibition:
James Jursinic - Illustration
Rachel Rinker - Sculpture
November 12-15, 2001

BFA Exhibition:  Satiate
Jeremy R. Brooks - Ceramics
Jesse Gregg - Illustration
Alison Luoma - Sculpture
November 26-29, 2001

BFA Exhibition:
Anthony Stehlik - Sculpture
Joe Quade - Illustration
December 3-6, 2001