Archaeology is one of the widest studies - best fitted to open the mind, and to produce the wide interests and toleration which is the highest result of education."  -- William Flinders Petrie

What is Archaeology? Archaeologists study of the breadth and diversity of human experience through analysis of material culture, from the earliest appearance of humankind to the recent past.  The Archaeology Minor at Grand Valley is a collaborative interdepartmental program that welcomes students in every academic major.

Why should I study Archaeology?
Great jobs! Students who complete the Archaeology Minor find employment in areas such as film, museums and archives, studio art, tourism, publishing, and government service. The Archaeology Minor is easy to combine with pre-professional programs such as business, nursing, and engineering.

Make Connections! The Archaeology program encourages student participation with local and national archaeology groups. The Michigan Archaeological Society and the Archaeological Institute of America have local chapters that welcome student members. The Archaeological Society of GVSU is a student organization dedicated to bringing together all students and faculty interested in archaeology. The Archaeological Society sponsors a variety of social and academic events such as movies, field trips and discussion of excavation projects.

Research Opportunities!  We encourage students to  participate in archaeological field projects, both local and international. Check out field training recommendations here. Students are also encouraged to take part in faculty research projects. Get in touch with archaeology faculty here.


Join us on November 19 : research presentation by Professor Akin Ogundiran!

November 14, 2024 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM

Professor Ogundiran's research focuses on issues of empire, urbanism, class, gender, household formation, and landscape history over the past 2500 years in the Yoruba World (West Africa) and the...

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