Mission, Vision, and Values Statement

The Mission, Vision, and Values Statement as in the Archaeology Minor Final Plan:

1. Mission Statement
The interdepartmental minor in Archaeology is a student-centered, inquiry-based program concerned with the study of the human experience from the earliest appearance of humankind to the very recent past.

2. Vision
We aim to become a regional center for archaeology by continuing to maintain and build faculty-student research and service learning opportunities, and by continuing to build connections to the broader community through our ties with professional outreach organizations such as the Conference on Michigan Archaeology, the Archaeological Institute of America, and the American Schools of Oriental Research.

3. Values
We emphasize faculty/student research collaboration.
We value the connection of faculty, students, and programs to the wider community.
We invest in the success of our students by making our students aware of opportunities (both internal and external) that equip them to succeed.
We value a sharing of resources and collaborations with interested partners, both within the university community and across the region.

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