Party Smart

You can have fun, entertain your friends, kick back and relax, and–yes, even drink alcohol–without violating the law, endangering yourself or others, or getting the police involved. So if you make the choice to party, be smart about it. There are simple choices you can make ahead of time to make sure you are making the right choices later. If you have questions or need additional support, Alcohol & Other Drugs Services is here to help.

Hosting Parties


  • Only invite people that you know
  • Make sure anyone consuming alcohol is at least 21
  • Provide food and serve alcohol in moderation
  • Have non-alcoholic drinks available
  • Make sure everyone has a safe ride home. This includes taking keys away from anyone who has had too much to drink or have used drugs.
  • Have transportation options: call a cab/Uber or have a sober driver take intoxicated individuals home
  • Be supportive of a friend if they choose not to drink 
  • Call 911 if you need help


  • Have strangers or unknown guests, it's okay to say no
  • Allow guests to drink in excess
  • Let guests leave the party alone and/or with unknown guests
  • Disturb your neighbors 
  • Allow drug use
  • Let guests leave with open containers
  • Lets drinks be left unattended
  • Serve to anyone under 21
  • Allow guests to drive drunk
  • Allow alcohol to be the focus
  • Serve unlimited amounts of alcohol to your guests like jungle juice or kegs
  • Allow unruly guests to run the party (call the police if you need help)
Party Smart

5 Things To Watch

WATCH out for each other

  • Be ready to step in and help a friend. Getting sick is one early warning sign of alcohol poisoning. Even if you are under 21, it is better to call 911 for help than let something get worse.

WATCH the pour

  • Nix your own drinks and use standard measures to avoid making drinks too strong. Make sure the bartender does the same. Know how much alcohol is in one standard drink.

WATCH how many

  • It is recommended to have no more than one standard drink per hour. Physiologically, women should not consume more than 2-3 drinks in one night and men not more than 3-4.

WATCH and respect limits

  • Fun means different things to different people. Some people would rather hang out and talk than spend the night drinking. Whatever it is, pay attention to the cues you're getting, and respect their choices.

WATCH your drink

  • Leaving your drink unattended increases the risk of tampering. Remember, alcohol is the #1 drug used in sexual assaults.

Medical Amnesty

Michigan law provides amnesty from a minor in possession charge for those involved when police or other emergency services are contacted to help someone who is in crisis due to alcohol poisoning or drug overdose.

Page last modified February 20, 2024