Prepare for Freshman Orientation

Technology Notification:

If you have a laptop, please plan to bring it to your Orientation session to use during your class registration process. If you do not have access to a laptop, we will have a limited number of loaner laptops available. During your Orientation session, you will need access to your GVSU network account to sign up for classes, as well as Multi-Factor Authentication set up.

  • If you have not set up your GVSU network account, log in to your Laker Portal to find your user name and instructions to set up your account.
  • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) adds an extra layer of security to student accounts by requiring two or more verification methods to log in to GVSU applications. This typically includes something you know (your password) and something you have (a code sent to your phone) or a notification in your Okta Verify app. By setting up MFA, even if someone manages to guess or steal your password, they would still need the second factor to access your account, making unauthorized access significantly more difficult. Follow these steps to set up Multi-Factor Authentication:

           Step 1: Request MFA Set Up (click the Request Service button)
           Step 2: Follow The Steps Listed Here 

If you have questions or are having trouble setting up your MFA, please contact GVSU IT Service Desk, call (616) 331-2101 or email [email protected].


Complete These Tasks Prior to Orientation

The information listed below can also be found in your Orientation Portal along with your Orientation date, location and parking information.

Take a Math Placement Test

All students at GVSU are required to complete at least one college-level math course. GVSU will provide you with an initial course placement which will determine which online placement exam you'll take prior to attending Orientation. By taking the free online proficiency test, you'll be sure to get registered for the appropriate math class for your knowledge level and major. This will save you time and money in pursuing your degree—an average of $2,300 per course! 

Log in to your Orientation Portal to see your initial math placement and learn which online math placement test you'll take at least one week prior to attending Orientation.

Take Math Placement Test

Take a Language Placement Evaluation

At GVSU language study is required for all Bachelor of Arts degrees, as well as several additional programs. If you have previously studied another language we strongly encouraged to take the language placement evaluation to see which course you place into. This will save you time and money in the pursuit of your degree! To learn more about language course placement at GVSU, visit the language placement evaluation (LPE) webpage

Please complete any language placement evaluations at least   one week prior to Orientation. 

Watch the LPE Explainer Video & Request Your LPE Today!

Choose a Writing Course

At Grand Valley, you get to decide which writing course or courses will best help you develop your skills based on your personal goals, needs, and experiences as a writer. To learn more about GVSU's writing course requirements and offerings, and view a step-by-step guide to selecting your writing courses, visit the Writing department webpage.

Find Your Writing Course


Honors College students experience writing instruction throughout their first-year course sequence, specifically in HNR 151 and HNR 152. By completing these courses with a grade of B or better, you will satisfy the writing general education requirement. Visit the Honors College curriculum requirements page to learn more.

Submit the Academic History Survey

This one is super important!

In your Orientation Portal, beginning in April, you'll see a short questionnaire asking about your major, and any college credits you may have previously earned through AP, IB, or dual enrollment courses. Complete this questionnaire at least one week prior to Orientation and you'll qualify to receive a #GVSUBound yard sign, that you'll pick up at Orientation, to show your Laker pride at home! The answers you provide in this survey help your academic advisor during your class registration process, ensuring that get register for the right classes at the right time.

Send College Transcripts

If you have taken dual enrollment or early middle college courses at another university, please send official transcripts from all colleges you have attended.

Contact your previous institution and request they send an official transcript to:

GVSU Registrar's Office 
150 Student Services
1 Campus Drive 
Allendale, MI 49401

If the institution you attended sends electronic transcripts, you can request they send your official electronic transcripts to Grand Valley at: [email protected].

All new first-time college students must have their final high school transcript sent to GVSU by June 30th. This final transcript must include your graduation date.

Consider a First Year Learning Community

The First-Year Learning Community is an optional program that offers you the opportunity to take a pair of courses that focus on a shared theme with a small cohort of your fellow students. Multiple course pairing options are available and each pairing satisfies some general education program requirements while enhancing your student experience. Learn more about the First Year Learning Community and sign up before May 1.
Space in each pairing is limited, it's important that you sign up by May 1!

First Year Learning Community

Review General Education Requirements

Become familiar with the general education requirements. Course descriptions and requirement information can be found here. Meijer Honors College students: please see Honors College specific curriculum requirements.  

Review Your Major's Course Requirements

For an extended list of majors offered at Grand Valley State University, visit our academic programs page.

Class Schedule

Preview Course Schedule

Preview the fall and winter class schedule, beginning March 1. Your advisor will help you select and register for classes at your Freshman Orientation session.

Event Schedule

July Orientation Schedule

View and download the July Orientation schedules as a PDF:

Please note, the schedules are subject to change if needs arise.

August Orientation Schedule

The Orientation schedule for August will be available by the end of July.

Page last modified June 18, 2024