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ACI to Host AWS Developer Immersion Day on Generative AI

December 19, 2023

ACI will host an AWS Developer Immersion day for the second time on January 26th from 12pm - 4pm. Join us for a workshop on Generative AI on Amazon Sagemaker.

ACI and Industry Partner Publish Research Paper on Software Test Requirements

September 28, 2023

The research paper titled "Visualizing Software Test Requirements Using NLP and Human-In-The-Loop Approach" has been accepted for publication and presentation to the Track on Data-drIven Software Engineering (DISE 2023) at the SIMBIG 2023 conference.

ACI Hosts AWS Developer Immersion Day on GVSU Health Campus in Grand Rapids

April 20, 2023

ACI is excited to host a workshop offered by Amazon, entitled �Create a Chatbot with Amazon Lex Immersion Day� on the GVSU Health Campus.

ACI: Computing Seminar Series - Biometric Fingerprinting and Cybersecurity

February 3, 2023

Come and attend the talk by Dr. Joshua Engelsma, where he sheds light on the recent trends and challenges in the area of Automated Fingerprint Identification Systems (AFIS) and how recent advances in computer vision can tackle some of those challenges.

Dr. Rafiq Presents Research on Macro-Level Sentiments on Twitter in Lima, Peru

November 30, 2022

Abu Naweem Khan, a special project Graduate Assistant, and Dr. Rahat Rafiq published their research paper titled "A Preliminary Analysis of Twitter's LGBTQ+ Discussions" at the 9th International Conference on Information Management and Big Data.

ACI: Computing Seminar Series - The Visible Embryo Project: Following the connections from chick embryos to Bitcoin.

November 29, 2022

Come and attend the talk by Dr. Mike Doyle titled "The Visible Embryo Project: Following the connections from chick embryos to Bitcoin.

ACI attends first GR Tech Week event

October 31, 2022

ACI starts conversations at GR Tech Week with the YouBrush app. Making oral care fun again...

Grant from Chan-Zuckerberg Initiative fuels data projects at GVSU ACI, Van Andel Institute

October 5, 2022

A collaboration between Van Andel Institute and Grand Valley to make data more accessible to researchers worldwide has received support through a $200,000 Data Insights grant from the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative.

Making art come alive with augmented reality

September 29, 2022

Augmented reality combines the real physical world with computer-generated digital content to provide an enriched interactive experience. The AR experience being developed by the team involves aiming a smartphone camera at a painting.

Computing Industry Colloquium: Seminar on AI / ML in Cybersecurity

September 13, 2022

Join us at our first Computing Industry Colloquium series, AI and ML in Cybersecurity on September 16th. Buzz Walsh, Ph.D., will be the keynote speaker.

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