Applied Computing Services Laboratory

The GVSU Applied Computing Services Laboratory (ACSL) provides external partners access to the computing expertise of GVSU computing faculty and students.  Projects in the laboratory typically run multiple consecutive semesters and are led by a GVSU faculty member and a domain expert from the partner organization.  Projects can be staffed by undergraduate and/or graduate students as well as faculty.

A map of the ACSL project participants and all of their respective roles

What kind of projects does ACSL work on?

Project proposals often involved applied research, advanced development and/or rapid prototyping that leverage strengths of the faculty and/or students assigned.  ACSL currently has a number of grant funded initiatives that involve creating software solutions for various citizen scientist initiatives.   The best way to determine if your project idea is a good fit in ACSL is to simply reach out and start a conversation with us.

How are projects staffed?

Faculty get involved based on their skills and expertise.   Graduate students are recruited to GVSU for specific projects via graduate assistantships.  Undergraduates completing ACI residencies are assigned to projects based on their skills, interests, and aspirations.

How much does it cost to fund a collaboration with ACSL?

It depends on a number of details, such as the overall scope of the project, the staffing needs, etc.  We would be happy to discuss your project idea in more detail with you and help establish a budget.

How can I learn more about collaborating with ACSL?

Please get in touch with us and let us know what you are looking for.  We’d be happy to discuss your project idea further.

Page last modified May 4, 2022