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The GVSU Applied Computing Institute's Bioinformatics and High-Performance Computing team is dedicated to advancing the field of computational biology through cutting-edge research and innovation. Our mission is to develop novel computational tools and techniques to analyze large-scale biological data sets and solve critical challenges in healthcare, agriculture, and environmental sciences.

Currently, Dr. DeBruine's lab is developing fast Non-negative Matrix Factorization algorithms for applications in bioinformatics and beyond. Special interests include single-cell experiment dimensional reduction and integration, hybrid NNLS/graph-based learning, genome/phenome meta-association, and novel approaches to model regularization.

Bioinformatics & HPC Team

Dr. DeBruine speaking on stage at the GVSU Tech Talks Event



  • Skyler Ruiter
  • Vishnu Mano
  • Marc Tunnell
  • Sarah Wight

Example Projects and Case Studies

Rcpp Machine Learning Library

Rcpp ML

non-negative matrix factorization

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