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SWS Fellows Program

The SWS Fellows program is an enhanced version of the classroom support normally offered to instructors through the writing center. The Fellows program involves working with a dedicated group of 5-6 writing consultants to provide enhanced writing support for students and faculty, including:


  • Multiple in-class workshops with a dedicated group of highly-trained writing consultants
  • Meetings between consultants and faculty outside of class to discuss upcoming assignments, plan workshops, and share feedback
  • Additional in-class workshops available all semester long
  • Opportunities to reflect on activities and assignments with consultants, as well as SWS and writing center administration.


Due to the scheduling limitations within the writing center, the SWS Fellows program is only available in two courses each semester. Interested faculty are encouraged to apply and participants are selected based on a variety of features (approach to writing instruction, previous use of consultants, strength of application, etc). 


Faculty who are interested in becoming an SWS fellow should submit this form for our typical SWS Fellows support or this form for our Knowledge Market SWS Fellows support to before the start of the semester. 




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