Bringing Consultants into Your Classroom

The writing center can send consultants into your classroom upon your request for two purposes:

  • Consultants can give your students a 10-15 minute presentation about our services. Using PowerPoint slides and handouts, the presentation is designed to give students an overview of how we can assist them with writing in any of their classes, with brainstorming and organizing ideas, to documenting sources according to style guides, to helping them polish their work.
  • A group of consultants can come to your class to facilitate a peer review workshop where your students offer each other feedback on drafts. The instructor should inform the Center of the assignment ahead of time, along with the goals of the workshop. Consultants will facilitate small group discussions about the students' drafts, guiding them to suggest ways of making one another's papers stronger.

To schedule a presentation contact Lisa Gullo at 331-2922 or Include the course number, date, location, and time you would like the presentation (beginning of class, end of class, etc). 

To schedule a peer review workshop, please fill out the following form and submit it to Lisa Gullo at 331-2922 or Workshop requests we receive the beginning of the semester are easier for us to fill. 

SWS Fellows

Also, for faculty teaching SWS courses, you can apply to become an SWS Fellow. To apply to participate in this program, submit your application form to Lisa Gullo. SWS Fellow courses are limited to two sections per semester and involve the following services:

  • Multiple in-class workshops with a dedicated group of highly-trained writing consultants
  • Meetings between consultants and faculty outside of class to discuss upcoming assignments, plan workshops, and share feedback
  • Workshops available all semester long (through the last week of classes)
  • Opportunities to reflect on activities and assignments with consultants, as well as SWS and writing center administration. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

The Fred Meijer Center for Writing and Michigan Authors offers special support-services for writing in the classroom. For more information regarding our services, please see If you are interested in using our consultants for classroom writing, here are some commonly asked questions about what we CAN and CANNOT do:


1.     “How do I use a consultant in my classroom?”

A group of consultants can come to your classroom up to three times a semester for small-group workshops with your students. During this time, consultants can help with the following: brainstorming topics, revising drafts, editing, facilitating small-group workshops, and/or discussing revision/writing strategies. For more information about how to best use a consultant in your classroom, please visit our website at for information about using consultants in our classroom. You can also visit our page about WRT 150/098 consultants to learn more about how to use a consultant in a classroom:


2.     “How many consultants can I schedule for one workshop?”

We recommend that you request ONE consultant per FIVE students in your class.


3.     “When can I schedule my workshops?”

You are privy to THREE 50-minute workshops per semester. The Writing Center is not able to guarantee all workshop requests, since scheduling consultants for the workshops depends on our consultants’ schedules; however, we can do our best to meet your needs any time BEFORE midterms. We do not offer workshops after Midterm week.


4.     “Can I give my assignment sheet to the consultants before they arrive for my workshop?”

No. We cannot provide all of the workshop consultants with your assignment. Please know that the consultants will need to be informed of the specific assignment when they arrive to the workshop. You can, however, provide us with a brief synopsis of the workshop’s focus on the Workshop Consultant Request Form. This way, we can find consultants who might specialize in your specific area of interest.


5.     “Do I have to be in class with the consultants when they are facilitating the workshop?”

Yes. When consultants are present for the workshop, there needs to be at least ONE faculty member present to continue teaching/supervising during the 50-minute workshop. Consultants are not responsible for leading the class, teaching class material, taking attendance, or subbing.


6.     “Can I have a dedicated consultant for the whole semester?

If you are interested in receiving a dedicated consultant for the whole semester, please visit our website and review the information about our SWS Fellows group at


Page last modified June 3, 2016