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University Assessment Committee (UAC)

Standing Committee of the University Academic Senate (UAC)
from faculty handbook 2016-2017

  • Faculty Membership: Faculty membership of the UAC consists of seven faculty members from CLAS, two from Seidman College of Business, one from each of the remaining colleges, one from the university libraries. Faculty members are elected by their college for three year terms. 
  • Service unit Membership:  Service unit membership of the UAC consists of five representatives with at least one representative from each of two areas:  Advising and Student Services.  Representatives will be appointed by the Provost. Service unit representatives serve three-year staggered terms beginning fall semester.
  • Student Membership:  One undergraduate and one graduate student representative selected by the Student Senate for a term of one year.
  • Administrative Membership:  The Provost or designee ex officio, non-voting

Responsibilities: The UAC is responsible for:

  • Providing leadership and support to university constituents as they design and implement the six year self-study report and three year student learning outcome assessment plans/reports based on best practices.
  • Reviewing and providing feedback on assessment plans, reports, and self-studies submitted by all academic programs and most service units *
  • Providing instructions for reporting formats and schedules.
  • Provided feedback to Administration in support of ongoing accreditation standards as set forth by the Higher Learning Commission.
  • Conducting initial and refresher user training in Weave Online.
  • Maintaining and updating the UAC website, Blackboard site, and Assessment Report and Self-study (ARSS) automated timeline and notification system.

* Service unit representatives are appointed to serve as the primary reviewer of reports submitted by service units.  

University Assessment Committee Midyear Report 2016-2017