University Assessment Committee

UAC Members

Members of University Assessment Committee 2014-15

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
    Chris Dobson (BIO) (2017)
    Medar Serrata (MLL) (2014)   
    Janel Pattes Guikema (substitute)
    Bev Seley (ART) (2013)  
    David Zeitler (STA) (2013)
    Hsiao-ping Chen (ART) (2015)
    Jon Hasenbank (MTH) (2016)
    Shari Bartz-Smith (MOV) (2015)
    Matthew Daley (HST)

 Seidman College of Business
     Frank Griggs (2016)
     Sonia Dalmia (2017)

 College of Community & Public Service
      Brian Johnson (2015)

College of Education
      Linda McCrea (2015)

Brooks College of Interdisciplinary Studies

Padnos College of Engineering & Computing
      Chris Plouff (2013)

College of Health Professions
      Andy Booth (2013)

Kirkhof College of Nursing
      Sue Harrington (CHAIR) (2015) 

University Libraries
      Debbie Morrow (2014)

Service Unit Representative
      Ginger Lange  (2013)
      Christy Mayo  (2013)
      Anne London  (2013)
      Dan Shannahan (2013)
      Colleen Lindsay-Bailey (2014)

Student Representative
      Ashleigh Begres

Administration (ex officio)
Provost's designee
      Julie Guevara

Composition: The UAC consists of seven faculty members from the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, two from Seidman College of Business, and one from each of the remaining colleges, one from the university libraries, and four service unit representatives appointed by the Provost from Student Services. One student representative selected by the Student Senate for a term of one year. The Director of the Pew Faculty Teaching and Learning Center and the Provost (or designee) are ex officio non-voting members.

Term: Academic and service unit representatives serve three-year staggered terms beginning at the end of the winter semester.

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