To apply for a Pew Intensive Workshop/Institute Grant, click on "APPLY FOR GRANTS" to the left.  All faculty, full- or part-time, are eligible to apply.


Pew Intensive Workshop/Institute Grants help defray the cost of travel, accommodation, and fees for intensive training workshops, institutes, etc. where the faculty member participates in organized developmental activities. We are hoping to afford applicants an opportunity to investigate a NEW area of study in a more strict workshop setting (a set curriculum vs. concurrent sessions).  Generally faculty will not be presenting their own work. Again, these are not intended for conferences with concurrent sessions.

1. Though non-competitive, applications will be subject to a strict review process to ensure the workshop and/or institute qualifies for this category.

2. Funding will be limited to one trip per faculty member every other fiscal year (retroactive to FY 13/14). The maximum award is $500 per day up to a total maximum of $2,000 for 4+ days. These are workshop days and not travel days. For example, a 3-day Institute (Mon-Wed) that requires you to travel Sunday to be there on time qualifies for $1,500 and not $2,000. Actual funds awarded depend on availability of funds.

Also, all other things being equal, faculty members and/or departments who have not received any grants in all categories from the Pew FTLC will be given priority over those who have.

3. Funding will be limited to 2 faculty per workshop/institute per fiscal year. No more than two faculty from the University (not just department) will be funded for the same workshop/institute. If there is a need for a larger cohort to attend a workshop of this nature as part of a defined curricula, program, or other initiative, consider applying for a Pew Scholar Teacher grant.

4. Funding will be limited to 2 faculty per department per fiscal year. If there is a need for a larger cohort to attend a workshop of this nature as part of a defined curricula, program, or other initiative, consider applying for a Pew Scholar Teacher grant.

5. Grants will be awarded on a first-come, first-serve basis until funds are exhausted. There will be 2 open dates for grant applications this fiscal year 2014-15: April 1 - for workshop dates from July - December, 2014 and October 1 - for workshop dates from January - June, 2015.

6. Please be aware of the following using the online application system:
    a)  The application entry is timed at a maximum of 20 minutes. We advise that you prepare your text and budget figures in advance and paste this information into the application. Here is an outline for your use: PIW Outline.
    b)  It is recommended that PC Users use Internet Explorer for application entry and Mac users should use either Safari or Firefox.
    c)  The online system will inform you upon login if the funds for this grant category have been depleted.



All reimbursement for travel expenses for grants are to be made using department funds. Turn in your original receipts along with the completed Travel and Expense voucher to your department and notify them of your travel grant. The department will forward a signed copy to the Pew FTLC and will be reimbursed through a working budget transfer. The Pew FTLC will initiate the transfer in Onbase when both your Travel and Expense form and your report have been submitted and approved.


Report Format: The report format is entirely up to you, but normally we get a 1-2 page narrative describing the derived benefits of the activity to teaching development. You may report specifically on the sessions you attended, the connections you made to experts or others interested in your field, or tips and inspirations you acquired.  Go to the Pew FTLC website, click on "Apply for Grants", logon, and you will see your grants listed. Highlight the appropriate grant, click “View” and upload your report where indicated. Reimbursements will not be processed without the accompanying report.









Page last modified August 19, 2014