Data Inquiry Lab (DIL)

DIL Update

The Data Inquiry Lab is currently on hiatus.

The DIL was established in 2015 to provide support for student-led quantitative data management, visualization, and analysis.  From workshops, and in-classroom demonstrations, to one-on-one consultation, the DIL’s purpose is to develop practical data skills of GVSU students, faculty, and staff.  The DIL was designed and led by Whitt Kilburn, Associate Professor of Political Science, in partnership with faculty and staff from across the university. Partners included University Libraries, Department of Statistics, School of Computing and Information Systems, and the Robert and Mary Pew Faculty Teaching and Learning Center. 

Need Data Help?

The Knowledge Market now has Digital Consultants

Digital consultants are highly-trained students ready to help you improve your digital skills. Digital consultants can help you:

  • Develop an approach for completing digital projects
  • Determine mediums for digital communication
  • Navigate technologies for media production
  • Edit and revise projects made with technology
  • Understand basic digital ethics and safety 
  • Visualize basic data sets
  • Engage fully and responsibly with the internet, social media platforms, and other tech services


University Libraries also hosts an incredibly helpful Data Reference LibGuide. The guide is designed to act as a starting place for data questions. It will help you find data repositories, learn the basics of data management, and begin to explore the many tools for making meaningful visualizations of datasets.

Page last modified September 8, 2021